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Different possibilities available.

- Concert “Duopus” Cristal and bass Cristal. 
 (Original works for two cristals and arrangements of classical works).

 - Marc Antoine Millon : Bass Cristal
 - Frederic Bousquet : Cristal

- Concert “LÉcole Buissonnière” Cristal, bass Cristal, soprano voice and percussions.
 Original works for the quartet by Bousquet, Séjourné, Voirpy, Labarsouque, Giner, Millon composed on a collection of poems written by Lyne Froissart (1955/2008). 

 - Xavier Bluhm-Soubira : percussions and sound structures.
 - Maëlle Vivares : Soprano voice.
 - Marc Antoine Millon : Bass Cristal 
 - Frédéric Bousquet  : Cristal


- Concert “Esquisses Végétales” Cristal, bass Cristal, Piano. 
 Original works by Marc Antoine Millon, Sae-jung Kim and Frédéric Bousquet inspired by the fantastic location on "Jardin Sonores" La Borie Foundation

- Sae-Jung Kim : Piano.
- Frédéric Bousquet : Cristal.
- Marc Antoine Millon : bass Cristal and percussions.

quotations available on request.

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