Armelle Medellin


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Artistic director of the ensemble.Percussionist and Cristalist structuralist (structures player). Studied percussion at the Conservatoire of Limoges where he obtained first prize.Worked on improvisation with Jean-Pierre Legay. Professor of percussion at the Conservatoire of Brive-la-Gaillarde, France. In 1981 he met the Baschet brothers, studied, played and took part in the creation of multi-tone percussion instruments. Co-founded the Ensemble Hope with which he has given numerous first performances, concerts, cultural events and experimental music workshops. Musician, composer and actor he has written original music for the Ensemble, for the theatre, radiophonic theatre and dance. His chosen musical path is working with and on the “Structures sonores” and the staging of theatrical and musical productions.



Cristalist Followed a triple career in music pedagogy and sciences.Researcher associated to the C.N.R.S. Builder of music instruments, he is one of the major world specialists of sound sculptures.He is the leader of the society “Titanium Sound” which builds new Cristals. He conceived the first one in titanium, and provides the copying and restoration of the Baschet Brothers opus. He continues his musical activity, national and international, especially with the Hope Ensemble, and Stolon. He published scientific works and a CD/Book “« Voyages dans l’Inconscient de Jérémiah HORROX » published in 2010 (CLAPAS / TrobaVox).



Soprano Master of singing interpretation (high School of Lausane, Swiss) and Violin diploma. She works as a chorist at the “ensemble Vocale de Lausane” director Michel CORBOZ and at the women choir “Calliope” director Régine THEODORESCO. Solist, she is invited regularily to create and sing in diffferent theatre in France.


Percussionist and structurist he joined the ensemble for the first commission of “STYX” (Jean Philippe CALVIN) Professor of percussion at the Conservatoire of Brive-la-Gaillarde, France. First prize of interpretation at the high school of Geneva, Swiss. He works regularily whith symphonic orchestras, and conducts the “connexion ensemble”.

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