Sound Structures

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The end of the 1970’s saw the Baschet brothers organise a number of important exhibitions in northern Europe and USA. Touched by the response of the children who took an active part in these exhibitions they quickly developed an original educational programme :

An “instrumentarium” or park of instruments based on 14 Structures.

Built out of stainless metal sheets and rods mounted on a conic fibre resonator, these instruments give a complex sound without a high definition.
To be played in a group with different percussive tools, with fingers, hitting, sliding, grating, and plucking various instruments :

  • Smaller sizes for small children,
  • Not very fragile instruments,
  • Easy to play instruments.
  • All with a rich tapestry of sound.

Teaching :

  • It is based upon a spontaneous expression, creativity, listening and the involvement of the whole body.
  • Working on a range of sounds, we develop, like in plastic arts, concepts both individual and collective,
  • Opens to a variety of musical cultures (contemporary, traditional, ethnic...)
  • Develops artistic interdisciplinarity
  • Helps the learning of musical reflexes through games, polyrhythmic dynamics, analysis, shape and sounds.........

This is an instrument with a social role giving all children their place in group music-making.
This is an effective aid for the development of listening and the initiation into the world of contemporary music offering a range of sounds that allow everyone to play without reproducing.

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